Book: Age of Collage (2013)

By Dennis Busch, Silke Krohn, Robert Klanten. Published by Gestalten.

Buy online at Gestalten.

Journal: Höhe Luft (2015)

Hamburg based philosophy journal commissioned two collage pieces for their Heidegger issue (March 2015) "Der Fall Heidegger" (The Heidegger Case).

Buy online at Höhe Luft.

Calender: Football Art (2016)

Including artworks by Rosemarie Trockel, Daniel Diehl, Tintin Cooper, Stephen Balkenhol, Mark Wallinger and others.

 Buy online at VfMK.

Catalogue: MD3:                               Monologue Dialogue: Fragility & Monumentality (2014)                               Text by Andrew Stahl. Cover images by Eric Bainbridge, Andrew Stahl and Nathaniel Rackowe.

Published by Bangkok Arts & Culture Center.

Read online at UCL/Slade.

Book:  Speed, Light, Time (2010)            Slade Press, Slade School of Fine Art. Text by John Hilliard, Lisa Milroy.

Buy online at Waterstones.

Edition: XY/Z (2011)

Collection of 40 limited edition prints from MFA students and Professors of the Slade School of Fine Art, Sculpture Department. (2011)

Catalogue: Bangkok Reprise

Text: Steve Dutton, Brian Curtin. Cover: Tintin Cooper

Live Magazine: Messy Sky (2014)

Messy Sky Live Edition #02: 101 words / 101 kilobytes, published live at 'Friends with Books: Art Book Fair Berlin' 2014

Curated by: Chitti Kasemkitvatana

Catalogue: 'Possession' (2013)

Text:  Brian Curtin, Steve Dutton. Download digital version at University College London.

Catalogue: PROPS (2011)

Text: Brian Curtin, Ellen Mara de Wachter. Prose: Boyle n Shaw.                              Printed for exhibition at Guest Projects, London.                                   

Interview section available on Ellen de Mara Wachter's blog.

Journal: Granta, issue 119 (2012)

Artworks curated by Michael Salu. Cover Artwork: Paul Smith

Online at Granta.

Catalogue: 400 Women (2012)

Text: Ellen Mara de Wachter, Tamsyn Challenger, Arsene van Nierop. Artwork above by: Laurie Lipton

Read part of the text at Ellen de Mara Wachter.

Book: More to Love, Contemporary Art Bangkok ChiangMai (2008)

Text: Han Nefkens and more.

Published by H+F collection.

Catalogue: Unspeaking Engagements (2010)

Text: Steve Dutton & Brian Curtin. Published by Coventry School of Art & Design and Chulalongkorn University.

Read online at Brian Curtin's site.

Catalogue: Face a Face/ Mois de la Photo (2009)

From exhibition at Tang Gallery. Text by Manit Sriwanichpoom.

Catalogue: Gift of Tongues (2007)

Published by Conference of Birds projects, Bangkok.

Catalogue: Across the Ocean (2013)

Text: Vipash Purichanont, Loredana Parriacini

Artist Book: Heatwave (2014)

30 limited edition works by artists: Olan Netrangsi, Parinot Kunakornwong, Pathompon Tesprateep, Sathit Sattarasart, Tintin Cooper and Tulapop Saenjaroen.

Catalogue: /Bangkok/

From exhibition at Ardel Gallery, Bangkok

Catalogue: More to Love/ On the Outside Looking In (2010). From the Casa Asia, Barcelona exhibition. Available online.

Catalogue: EVA (2014)

From the experimental video art exhibition in Bangkok Art &Culture Center, and Moltkerei Werkstatt, Cologne.

Publications (Text Version)

 (C)= denotes catalogues, otherwise books.


  • 'Heideggers Heiliger Krieg' and 'Der Fall Heidegger', HOHE LUFT 3/15 (Philosophy Journal),Hamburg                                                             
  • 'Football Art: The Football Cultural Calendar 2016 (Fußball Kunst 2016) Verlag für Moderne Kunst (VfkM), Vienna

“Monologue Dialogue III: Fragility & Monumentality”, Andrew Stahl, Kemchat Thepchai (C)
“EVA Experimental Video Art: Thai European Friendship 2004-2014”, Foreword by Sabine Marte & Komson Nookiew (C)
“Heat Wave” Artist Book, Speedy Grandma, Bangkok

Age of Collage: Contemporary Collage in Modern Art”, by D.Busch, R.Klanten, H.Hellige, Gestalten Press
Possession, hrsg. Brian Curtin und Steve Dutton, Bangkok Arts & Culture Center. (C)

Granta 119: Britain, hrsg. Michael Salu, Granta Press
EVA 8: Dispelling Representation, hrsg. Miriam Noske (C)
Props, hrsg. Ellen Mara de Wachter, Brian Curtin, Beiträge von Boyle N Shaw. (C)
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400 Women, hrsg. Ellen Mara de Wachter, Arsene van Nierop (C)

Unspeaking Engagements, hrsg. Brian Curtin and Steve Dutton. Coventry University / Chulalongkorn University. (C)
 ‘More to Love- The Art of Living Together’, hrsg. Han Nefkens, H+F Foundation
‘Mois de la Photo 4’, by Manit Sriwanichpoom. Hrsg. Tang Gallery / Alliance Francaise / Embassy of France (C)
Ura!zine, hrsg. Ura! Gallery Istanbul

Divination, Vorwort von Martin Holman, EMC Collard. (C)
The More Things Change...(BEFF5) mit Essays von David Teh, Benedict Anderson, Grithiya Gaweewong, Apichatpong Weerasetakul. Kick the Machine (C)
Gift of Tongues, Conference of Birds Project Space / Netherlands Embassy (C)

Bangkok Democrazy (BEFF4) mit Essays von Rirkrit Tiravanija, Apichatpong Weerasetakul, Grithiya Gaweewong. Kick the Machine. (C)
Battle of the Titans, hrsg. Andrew Stahl (C)

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