Selected Press 

∆ articles solely about the artist


  •  “Voicing Concerns: Thai Artists take on the Coup and the Junta”, The Asian Correspondant
  • “Fragility and Monumentality”, Vogue Magazine, Thailand
  • 'Monologue Dialogue', review in Art 4D November issue, Thailand
  • 'MD3 Fragility & Monumentality', review in Fine Art Magazine, Thailand
  • 'Creative Dialogue'- by Kaona Pongpipat, Bangkok Post, Thailand                                                                                                                               


  • ∆"Dekonstruiert, Rekonstruiert", Der Bund Newspaper, Bern                                                                                                                                        
  • “Thai Artists Take over the Old Police Station”, hg.Max Crosbie-Jones, ARTINFO(BLOUIN)
  • ∆ “Welcome to the Shattered Low-Res World of Tintin Cooper”, Acclaim Magazine Online
  • ∆ “Tintin Cooper’s Vintage Photo Collages”, Staff, Trendland Magazine Online
  • ∆ “Tintin Cooper: Photo Collages”, Staff, We the Urban Magazine Online
  • ∆ "Art Focus: Tintin Cooper", Easycoolhunting Magazine
  • "The After Station", Thai PBS News online


  • ∆“Interview with Tintin Cooper”, Daniel Griffiths, Bite Magazine, Issue 4 Rinse and Repeat
  • “Imagining Britain”, Staff, Varoom Magazine
  • ∆“Tintin Cooper”, von Daniel Griffiths, Beautiful/Decay Magazine
  •  “Slade School MA/MFA Degree Show: Review”, hrsg. James Cahill, A-N magazine
  • ∆”Degree Shows: Tintin Cooper”, von Bryan Dooley, online


  • ”Cross Polination: Art”, Ari Magazine Bangkok
  •  “Dissolving Boundaries”, von Rathsaran Sireekan, Bangkok Post
  • 'Unspeaking Engagements-จับใจ-ไร้คำ', Fine Art Magazine, von Manipa Jayawan, Oct 2009 (thai)
  • 'Review: Gift of Tongues', von Brian Curtin, Art4D
  • What's in a Face?, von Samila Sutthisilthum, Bangkok Post


  • ∆You Only Live Twice, von David Teh, Art4D
  • ∆“Review: You Only Live Twice”, von David The, A.ART magazine
  • ∆You Only Live Twice, review Fine Art magazine, von Andrew Little
  • ∆Labyrinth Slum/, review Nation Sud Subda, von Thanom Chapakdee
  • ∆”Inside the Modern Cave”, review Siam Raht Sud Subda, von Paisarn Plienbarngchang
  • ∆”Adventures of Tintin”, Guru magazine, von Arglit Boonyai


  • Space Quest / About Cafe, Art4D magazine
  • Battling it Out at Tadu Gallery The Nation
  • 600 images, review Asian Art News
  • Six Cities 600 Vignettes, Lim Li Min, International Herald Tribune
  • Six Sense, Britain in Thailand, British Council
  • ∆ Violent but Funny, Staff, the Nation

TV Interviews

  • ∆  ArtNow, Art26 TV (Thailand), 2014
  • ∆ ArtsceneTV (Thailand), 2009
  • Channel V (Asia), 2008
  • ∆ Outlook Channel (Thailand), Feb 2007
  • Channel 11 (Thailand), Nov 2004
  • Channel 11 (Thailand), Oct 2005
  • Channel 9 (Thailand), Nov 2005
  • TT3 (Satelite), Aug 2005

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